Why this blog?

I recently resigned from the Foreign Service after nearly thirty years of serving my country as a diplomat for a very simple reason.  Twenty-eight years and a few months ago, I first took the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  I take that oath very seriously.  Since the election of Donald J. Trump to the highest office in our land, for the first time in my life, I do not believe that the best way to do so is through government service.  So I am leaving, in order to add my voice to those of others fighting to protect this country and the values on which the Constitution is based: freedom, democracy, justice and equality.

I believe those values are under attack in this country.  We always have had and always will have many enemies.  Foreign powers who feel threatened by the very freedoms we cherish.   Terrorists who feel aggrieved for many reasons, and have allowed their grievances to morph into hate.  Others who merely resent us for our wealth and power.  However, we are more than equal to all of these threats.

The threat which is hardest for us to defend against is ourselves.  The greatest threat to the United States comes from those of us who have given up on its values, given up on democracy itself.  They have done so out of ignorance and fear.  Ignorance in that they have failed to learn or are not interested in the hard lessons of our history and are reaching for easy solutions to hard problems.  Fear that has been stoked by a relentless propaganda campaign that has, disguised as media, fanned the flames of resentment in certain segments of the population in order to influence them politically.  We have been divided as a nation, and it didn’t happen by accident.  We can no longer even agree on basic facts, because nearly half our nation rejects all sources of information except those carefully fed to them by that propaganda campaign.

Donald J. Trump is the logical result of and greatest current embodiment of this threat to America.  He is morally and ethically unfit for the office he has been elected to.  He is utterly unqualified for that office, and has appointed many people of the same ilk.  He was elected by appealing to the fears and worst instincts of many of the 46.4% of American voters who supported him in November.  Since his election, he has confirmed the worst fears of those who opposed him, governing the country in a way that is dangerous, erratic and divisive.  He makes no pretense of being President for all Americans or defending the rights and interests of all.  His decisions and rhetoric make it clear that he is devoted to an America with less freedoms.  To an America with less justice.  To an America with less equality.  To an America with less democracy.  He threatens all that we stand for.  All that is best about America.  All that truly makes America great.

For that reason I can no longer serve as part of the government he is in charge of.  To continue to fulfill my oath and defend the Constitution I was compelled to resign and to speak up.

I look forward to doing so on these pages.

3 thoughts on “Why this blog?

  1. While I am no scholar on things of the Religious nature, I am looking forward to seeing a perspective from, shall we say ‘Someone from Behind the Curtain’ as to how this relates to us as a nation today. Great read and as Lisa said, Chains are off… go nuts!


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